Residential Services



 KAAUM Enterprises LLC. is committed to providing person-centered services and supports to adults who have developmental disabilities. The goal of these services and supports is to promote independence, community involvement, and quality of life. The services are designed opportunities to become self-directing and contributing members of their community.         



 Our goal is to promote living skills and independence so that the residential person receiving services (PRS) might someday live in their own apartment/home. This second goal is quantifiable by comparing percentages on the Monthly Tracking Forms on which the host home provider (HHP) documents their interventions, community involvement, and PRS responses.         

Residential Host Home


 Host homes are residential homes for one, or at the most, two individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities. In a host home, an individual with a developmental/intellectual disability lives with a host family/single person who provides 24 hours per day,  care and oversight. In a host home, individuals needing care become part of a family whether the host home provider is a single person or a married couple.         



 Host home providers, provide for all of the care needed for a particular individual with developmental disabilities.  Assistance is, provided with all activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting. Further, medication management, meals, and medical/recreational transportation are all responsibilities of the host home provider.  

Host home providers are, thoroughly vetted for appropriateness. They are criminal record checked. Further, their experience in caregiving is, scrutinized. References are, checked from former employees and community relationships.        



 The community-centered living is encouraged through activities in the community, encouraging “normal” interactions with individuals in the community, and developing resident skills necessary for success in the community. Often the needs of PRS(s) prohibit them from remaining in their community of origin. Even then, PRS(s) can learn adaptive skills to be a successful member of their community.        

Family Caregiver


Allows for residential services to be provided in the family home by a family member under the Family Caregiver Act. To be a paid provider, family members must become an employee of a program-approved service agency.

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